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For those “too busy” to discover new music.

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The gist, yo

Music from humans, not robots, delivered to your inbox every day. Because people are cool.

No fancy algorithms, very little automation. Tell us your favorite genres, choose a curator whose tastes you dig, and we’ll email you a song they hand-picked just for you every day, Monday-Friday.

Some of us are experts, some are musicians. Others are just music nerds. More than anything, we’re a rag-tag team of volunteer curators who live and breathe music and keep up with lesser-known artists.

A Song A Day crew

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About A Song A Day

A Song A Day originated from the realization that we all need that friend who’s super into music. Even if you were once that person, life happens: families, careers, dogs? You’ve likely replaced the time once spent reading liner notes and scouring obscure music blogs with bigger priorities.

The result is a gaping void filled with shitty terrestrial radio music and the same 80s rock ballads controlled by corporate advertisers and whoever has the thickest wallets.

A Song A Day fills that void with music that doesn’t suck. We’re your personal music concierge. Your friend to suggest artists we know you’ll love who you (probably) wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Our curators live and breathe the process of discovering everything from emerging artists to old B-sides of the 60s psych bands. Don't worry, we share fun, non-esoteric music too. :)

We’re here to support the artists struggling to get their music out there while helping people live in a world filled with better music.

Learn more about the backstory of A Song A Day and what propelled me to venture down this crazy path in these stories, if so inclined:

I truly hope you enjoy your musical experience with us. Happy listening!

~ Shannon B.

Have feedback or questions? Contact me anytime at shannon@asongaday.co.